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dead limbs - The mysteries & tribulations of the world, how it is seen and who it is seen by [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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dead limbs [Dec. 11th, 2004|11:17 am]
[mood |sadsad]
[music |beach boys, don't worry, baby.]

Yesterday I meant to make an entry, but I forgot because got this frightening urge to consume some water and by the time I satisfied said urge, I forgot what I was doing entirely. I got up at about 9, and around 10 there comes this buzzing from outside. Sort of a buzzzzz, grumble grumble, clunk, buzzzz, grumble grumble and so on. Checked it out, and it seemed as though some men were outside cutting the limbs off of a tree. Evidently the tree looked perilous, so they downed the beast before it could strike.
You have to wonder about people in general these days. How can we just cut down a tree, saw off it's limbs, tear it apart ruthlessly because it threatens us? Didn't we plant it? And if we didn't, well even if we did, what right to do we claim to have that makes us so much more important than that tree? If someone slaughtered a cow and lay it's limbs in a pile right next to the house, people would be upset. If the same was done a human, there would be an inquisition, a trial and a conviction. But the limbs of a tree?
Nobody's business.
In fact, one could argue that plant life, trees most definitely included, are more important than the inhabitants of that house simply because the tree at least is helping the environment and other people. It's very existence is good and aiding, but people? Pretty much the only thing we do for the environment is die, and even then that doesn't begin to account for the crud we do when we live. Oh that house we lived in? Yeah, cut down an acre of trees for that monster. What makes us want such a wealth of space anyway? In reality, we should only need space enough to sleep, and even that isn;t necessary in the summer time. We can cook, sleep, play, work, and be outside a lot. But we have to have dead trees cover us.
i was in a state of almost crying all day yesterday, and then I was kind of a jerk after that because I was so steamed that I couldn't do anything about it. They attacked the tree in our backyard after that. The threat is gone. We can all breathe a sigh of relief.
I have absolutely no money for christmas, and in a way, that's quite a good thing... I have to gruel over what to get people now, and I like that the gift will have no choice but to be entirely from me, and not small children in asia. I hope my little brother likes the painting that I'm going to make him. I'm afraid that he'll pass it over for the gameboy games he's sure to get. I can see his little fake smile, with the one and a half dimples, "Thanks, Mar." I wonder what kind of person he's going to grow up to be. So exciting. I want it to happen already, but I want to savor the young years, and I'll probably say, "It went by so fast" in a cliche voice, with the required sentimental tear resting in my right eye.
Who was the first person to cry? I watch movies, and when someone on them cries, so do I. I cried as a baby, as babies will do, but it wasn't always for sadness. It was the only noise that I could make that could be heard in a lot of places. So did the second person on earth cry when the first person died? Or did they just grunt and take that knife that they always wanted that he had? Do wolves cry to the moon because it sounds neat, or because their emotions have no better way of being displayed?
Ok, I have to go do something else. yeah

[User Picture]From: yousteppedinpoo
2004-12-12 09:05 pm (UTC)
i like your ideas, i love your thoughts.
i wish i could go back in time and make you happy.
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