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Man! [Sep. 2nd, 2002|12:37 pm]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]
[music |Mom's brushing her teeth, and the New Yanky Workshop Theme]

It sure bugs me when I don't push the click here for more options thingy. Then I either have to have no mood, or rewright the whole thing. huh...
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Haha! a nun... [Sep. 2nd, 2002|12:17 pm]
Those tests are pretty fun! Maybe no one else takes them, but I think that they're a blast! Hey now.. Last night, my mom bought me a Dr. Pepper. And you know how when you take a couple drinks from it, and then you go to bed? You may have put it in the fridge, but it just doesn't taste the same after you drink from it. Well, I poured some of the big gulp into a glass drank that and put my pop in the fridge. I didn't think that I would be drinking it again that night. And I was saving it. After dinner though, I did get a might thirsty, so I went to get it and it was gone. I look over at dad, and he's just sippin' away at MY pop. Ok calm down, maybe it's not mine. "Hey dad, where'd you get that?", "Oh this? I found it in the fridge. I was thirsty." (Putting hand on my face and shaking head), "Oh alright." Sometimes I wish Einstine would try to be a little more human sometimes. Sure he's a sweell guy and all, but boy sometimes it feels like he's from Jupiter.
Hey... I wonder what it would be like to be from Jupiter.... huh.. I bet the price of stamps isn't as bad as it is here..can't be... if the price of stamps goes up at all, I mean even one cent, I'm gonna....I'm gonna....well, .... i can't think of anything right now, but give me time, ....just give me time....man oh man I got to get a job. I wonder how good I look on paper, you know? I had a job for something like 7 months at a tofu factory. Then I start work at The Fabric Depot. I mean how inticing is that? Not very lemme tell you. I applied at forty places last summer and they all said, "Oh.. well, we're not hiring right now." Fon't tell me you're not hiring.. .grumble..I went in to an Elmers one day, and I turned in my application. I said that I wanted to speak to the manager personally, you know just to put a face to the paper, and they said please wait here. Two hours later, my friend Honeylynn walks in, and they TAKE her to the manager's office and he hires her right there. She had never had a job before. I never did see the manager... That makes me a bit irked, but I guess you could say, as my friend Manda says, "Life's a bunch of "Oh well"s.
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(no subject) [Sep. 2nd, 2002|12:12 pm]

What Was Your PastLife?
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Pop! goes the weasel... [Aug. 31st, 2002|09:06 pm]
[mood |draineddrained]
[music |My dog, licking herself...]

Event? what the... whatever, I understand what they're trying to say, but really. Must they make it so confusing...
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A wamp bobmpa dooba, a wamp bang boom! [Aug. 31st, 2002|01:14 pm]
[mood |Well, if you must know: Bored]
[music |The ramblings of my sleep deprived father...]

That's right, it's that time of year again. Time for school. But this year will be different. Why you ask? Because this year I will be a senior! That's right, young students will gather round, and plead, that's right plead for my autograph. And will I give it to them? But of course! I'm not so hard hearted that I would deprive my adoring fans of one spot of sun. No really, I don't care about much, save academics this year. Sure I'll try and make some friends, and yeah I'll make some people laugh. But all in all: I don care. I will dress the way that I see fit. Be friends with the people I wish, and do what I want to do. yep.
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Hmmm.... [Aug. 31st, 2002|01:01 pm]
I don't really know what it is that I'm doing but I need to figure out how to use this thing. This is a test. This is only a test.
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